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Procurement is an area which contributes to corporate profitability significantly. However, it is also an area that doesn’t receive much attention regarding innovation.
In order to strengthen procurement competitiveness, JMAC helps clients to innovate their overall procurement function.

Strengthening procurement functions requires the procurement division to restructure itself, and strengthen procurement competitiveness.

Procurement competitiveness refers to the ability to change the current situation to “achieve high-level QCD and stable procurement through fair, equitable and transparent dealings, which is the mission of procurement. It is crucial to maintain the procurement infrastructure and improve procurement strategies to strengthen procurement competitiveness.

To improve procurement competitiveness, it is necessary to improve the level of your procurement strategy.

To improve the level of your procurement strategy, it is necessary to enhance your ability to create a competitive environment and your ability to assess and implement purchases.

To enhance clients’ ability to create a competitive environment and to assess and implement purchases, it is crucial to take an organizational approach rather than leaving it to staff in charge of procurement.

A procurement infrastructure is the foundation for promoting organized procurement innovation, and is the trigger for change. JMAC defines procurement infrastructure with the six viewpoints below and helps clients to upgrade each of them.

  1. Strengthening of procurement planning functions
  2. Maintenance of procurement organizations and systems
  3. Thoroughness of management process
  4. Standardization of procurement processes
  5. Creation of a structure for managing procurement information
  6. Creation of a structure for improving procurement skills



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