Japan Market Entry

JMAC can provide not only global management techniques and management solutions, but also market research services that promise definite solutions for various marketing issues.

In addition, JMAC has a wide-ranging network inside and outside of Japan obtained through its consulting activities.

With these consulting and research capabilities and network, JMAC assists companies looking to achieve success in the Japanese market through integrated support in market research, business strategy, operational functions, and management innovation.

Example Themes

  1. Japan Study Tour
  2. Japan Market Entry & Strengthened Sales
  3. Japanese Business Scheme Arrangement & Structure Including M&A
  4. Functional Reform with Business Strategy Restructuring
  5. Development of Business Management Foundations



As the consulting firm that contributed to the foundations of Lean/TPS and TPM®, we adopt the principles of Lean thinking in our consulting projects across all industries and processes.


Our well-versed consultants offer training programs filled with know-how on problem solving for business challenges, leveraging their consultation experience.

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JMAC currently has five subsidiaries; two in China, and one in Thailand, South Korea, and Italy respectively.
We provide services in every country by dispatching consultants from any one of our global offices.

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Global Offices

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