Smart Factory & IoT

The topical keywords of IoT (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0 are new concepts that will guide manufacturing to the future.
JMAC are currently providing consulting to our clients in the following three fields:

  1. Smart Factory Grand Design Creation Consulting
  2. Smart Analytics Consulting
  3. Business Model Structure Creation Consulting Using IoT/ICT

1.Smart Factory Grand Design Creation Consulting

We are supporting the grand design of smart factories that further emphasizes our clients' strength in monodzukuri. Smart factories consist of five layers. An approach with this understanding of these layers is necessary.

In layers four and five, individual pieces of information are connected in real time, and dramatically increase the speed of kaizen. But smart factories cannot be achieved through only focusing on these layers. It is necessary to understand how to establish and integrate the various functions utilizing the specific strengths of your organization in production systems (process allocation, production planning, automation), information, management, and more.
In addition, it is necessary to increase both the level of IT, ICT and IoT usage and level of operations. With minimal IT, ICT and IoT investment, it is possible to implement a smart factory that is appropriate for the specific competitive needs of your company.

2.Smart Analytics Consulting

JMAC is providing consulting services that assist in understanding in real-time the status of IoT.

1.IoT Visualization Consulting

There are five fields of visulaization themes which all utilize the IoT ability for continuous and real-time monitoring.

Five Visulaization Themes of IoT
Theme 1: Visualization of Human Motion & Current Status
Theme 2: Visualization of Item Movement & Current Status
Theme 3: Visualization of Equipment Operation & Current Status
Theme 4: Visualization of Shop Floor History & Future
Theme 5: Visualization of Utilized Technologies

In providing our consulting services, we focus less on the broad-scope application of IoT tools and instead, where possible, select opportunities familiar to our client. We propose support based on your specific visulization themes, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Genba IoT Seven Tools

The Genba IoT Seven Tools are used to connect various items on the shop floor to the internet, simultaneously visualize the shop floor status and conduct analysis. They are particularly useful in transfering into data the status of older equipment that does not have communication capability, or the work of people that can be difficult to capture in a digital format.

  1. IoL (Location): Location Analysis
    Simultaneously traces the movement of people and material to understand the optimal movement path, number of people and number of material handling vehicles.
  2. IoO (Operation): Operation Analysis
    Focuses attention of the way people work, distinguishing between actual work and inefficient movement.
  3. IoS (Situation): Situation Analysis
    Records at the actual place, regarding the actual thing, the actual situation with moments of short stoppages, instances of defects, etc.
  4. IoC (Count): Count Analysis
    Automatically counts the number of inventory items, defects, finished product, etc. and links with productivity improvement.
  5. IoH (Hazard): Hazard Analysis
    Reliably records hazardous events into a knowledge bank contributing to the cycle of safety activities.
  6. IoA (Availability): Availability Analysis
    Efficiently analyzes the volumes of data capturing equipment availability and non-availability status.
  7. IoQ (Quality): Quality Analysis
    Establishes an efficient and superior quality control system utilizing IoT.

2.Big Data Advanced Analysis & Value-Adding Consulting

We provide consulting services to realize the benefits of problem solving of issues identified through the Five Visualization Themes of IoT.

3.Business Model Structure Creation Consulting Using IoT/ICT

JMAC believes that the application of IoT is the next essential development phase for productivity improvement, new sales and business model creation.
We support the creation of a business model using the competitive strength of monodzukuri.

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