About JMAC

A Pioneer of Management Consulting in Japan

The Oldest Management Consulting Firm in Japan

JMA Consultants Inc. (JMAC) was founded in 1942 as the Japan Management Association (JMA) – a non-profit organization established as a governmental support structure to promote managerial efficiency in Japanese industry. JMAC is Japan’s oldest management consulting firm.

Since its foundation, JMAC has contributed to the economic growth of Japan by way of assisting Japanese companies. The consulting division of the JMA was separated in 1980 to establish JMAC.

The Origin of Lean/TPS and TPM

JMAC has contributed significantly to forming the famous management systems of Lean/TPS (Toyota Production System) and TPM (Total Productive Maintenance).

Contribution to the Formation of Lean/TPS

In his work with Toyota Motor Corporation, our legendary consultant Shigeo Shingo developed SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die), one of the important methods of TPS. He also provided production training at Toyota Motor Corporation and contributed to the talent development supporting TPS.

Shigeo Shingo

Contribution to the Formation of TPM

JMA started to introduce US-PM to Japanese companies in 1951. Initially it was referred to as “Preventive Maintenance,” then the interpretation was changed to “Productive Maintenance.” Through the work on PM by our famous consultant Seiichi Nakajima with Nippondenso Co., Ltd (currently DENSO Corporation), TPM was formed.

Seiichi Nakajima

Our Strength

  1. Over 300 Experienced Lean/ TPS/ TPM Consultants
    Out of JMAC’s more than 400 consultants around the world, more than 300 are Lean/TPS or TPM consultants with experience in a range of industries. That means JMAC is one of the largest consulting firms in Lean/TPS and TPM around the world.
  2. Providing Consulting Services in All Management Fields
    From our beginnings in operational quality and productivity consulting, we have expanded to meet the needs of clients in Japan and overseas and now provide a full range of management consulting services including R&D, strategy, service, sales, organizational development and HR.
  3. Practical and Sustainable
    We achieve clients’ targets by not only applying theory, but also working directly on-site with clients on analysis and planning to implementation of countermeasures and improvement ideas. This “hands-on approach” enables us to identify the particular issues or root causes of each client and to bring success to the client. This “hands-on approach" is a key strength of JMAC.

Globally Active Consultants with Abundant Experience

JMAC currently has five subsidiaries; two in China, and one in Thailand, South Korea, and Italy respectively. We provide services in every country by dispatching consultants from any one of our global offices. Where necessary, our Japanese consultants work together with our global consultants in order to provide the best solution for the client.

Our knowledgeable and experienced consultants are playing important roles in more than 58 countries worldwide. Our field is global.

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