About JMAC

Our Journey

The oldest Management Consulting Firm in Japan
Dedicated to Supporting Japanese Economic Growth & Contributed to the Formation of Lean/TPS and TPM

1942 Established Japan Management Association (JMA)
1947 Held the first workshop for production engineers (abbreviated name is PCourse. Currently, training course for IE assistants)
1951 Introduced Preventive Maintenance (PM) from USA
1955 Started industrial engineering and factory improvement training at Toyota for both its employees and parts suppliers
1961 Established a Plant Maintenance Committee
1964 Established a system for awarding PM Awards
1969 Established Japan Plant Engineer Association (currently Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance)
1971 The concept of plant maintenance with total participation (Total Productive Maintenance) is proclaimed.
1980 Split off the consulting business division and became independent as JMA Consultants Inc (JMAC)
1981 JMA launched the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM).
1984 Established JMA Europe S.A. in Paris
1988 Established JMAC Considi S.p.A. in Italy (current JMAC Europe S.p.A.)
1992 Established JMAC Korea Inc. in Korea
2000 Established JMAC Europe B.V. in the Netherland
2005 JIPM Solutions company limited is separated and transferred from JIPM as a private company.
2006 Established Crossover Inc.
Established JMAC China in Shanghai
2008 Established JMAC Thailand in Bangkok
2012 Merged the businesses in Europe, established JMAC Europe S.p.A in Milan
Established J-BUND Consulting as a joint venture between JMAC CHINA and Dabund Law office
2013 JMAC and JIPM Solutions merged and become new JMAC.
2018 Opened Liaison Office in Vietnam
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