Kart Factory

The Kart Factory by JMAC ® (*) is not a game, but a full path and progressive towards Lean Production application. It is not limited to aspects of configuration that help its realization, also addressing other key aspects of the transformation process.

Actually, one of the most frequent phenomenon in manufacturing processes is the high variability of performance.
To ensure efficiency in process improvement and sustainability of the performance achieved, it is necessary to influence behavior and stabilize the performance.
To influence behavior is essential to develop and disseminate standards and allow the analytical depth that are the basis for:

  • Performance reliability
  • Performance excellence
  • Continuous improvement: Problem Solving & Kaizen
  • Commitment

The entire training program is based on 3 principles of teaching:

Principle of experience

  • Learn by trying (experiential training)
  • Simulated but realistic learning environment

Principle of error

  • Learn by mistaking
  • Constructive reinterpretation of the errors committed

Principle of teamwork

  • Team learning
  • Learn from the exchange of ideas

*Kart Factory Program is provided in Italy and Japan.

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(*) Kart Factory by JMAC ® is a registered trademark of JMAC Europe.



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