About JMAC


  • We contribute to the development and growth of all industries and organizations in advocating superior management innovation.
  • We inspire and cultivate the trust and goodwill of our client-partners by actively providing them all of our best assets, resources and talent.

Founding Charter

Personal Reliability

JMAC consultants continually strive our reliability with passion and a sense of mission, while always maintaining unwavering integrity, objectivity and independence.

Technical Reliability

Our profession is based on Technical Reliability. As consultants, we continuously strive to improve our technical competence and create superior technical assets.

Achievement Reliability

Our clients expect us to deliver results with real impact on the whole organisation. We fully support our clients by demonstrating a coordinated approach to implementation of innovation.

Code of Conduct

  • We continuously create original value-added techniques by anticipating societal and environmental changes.
  • We always provide value with proven techniques, taking a practical result-oriented approach.
  • We always act with great respect for humanity and societal benefit, prioritizing personal integrity & organizational harmony.
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